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Quebec Now Has Over 9,000 COVID-19 Cases & Legault Says We Might Be Approaching The Peak

There have now been 150 deaths in the province due to the virus.
Quebec Now Has Over 9,000 COVID-19 Cases & Legault Says We Might Be Approaching The Peak

The Government of Quebec has made it its mission to keep all Quebecers well-informed about the coronavirus situation within the province. During the government's daily press conference on April 7, Legault revealed that there are now 9,340 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. And, as of now, there have been 150 deaths caused by the virus in the province.

The previous day, on April 6, there had been a total of 8,580 confirmed cases.

In the caption of his Facebook post on April 7, Legault said that "one thing is very clear: we must not give up on our efforts. We must not waste all that we have accomplished together in the last few weeks."

"If we want to gradually return to a normal life in May, we must continue to be very disciplined in April," Legault reminded all Quebecers.

Remaining disciplined, for Legault, means continuing to follow the Government of Quebec's health guidelines to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the province. And, he stressed, to avoid all gatherings.

According to statistics released by Google, Quebec has been the best at following social distancing measures in all of North America.

Below is a live feed of the Government of Quebec's public briefing about the province's coronavirus situation on April 7.

Legault says Quebecers are, indeed, "making progress" but that we cannot give up.

During the press conference of April 7, the Premier also stressed that there can be no gatherings — for any reason.

He spoke specifically about the fact that both Easter and Passover are happening this week.

Legault asked that all religious leaders remind their communities that this is not a time to bring family and friends together. And, that this is a matter of everyone's safety.

The Government of Quebec has been doing its best to help both individuals and businesses. To do so, it recently announced several emergency aid programs.

The government also launched its new initiative "Le Panier Bleu" on April 5, which is a directory of Quebec merchants offering e-commerce. The government hopes that this program will help convince people to purchase local products and bring money back into the Quebec economy.

The City of Montreal followed the Quebec government's lead and launched an urban delivery system to help local businesses on April 6.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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