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Quebec Now Offers An "Official" Drivers License For Your Pet Dog

Cuteness overload.
Quebec Now Offers An "Official" Drivers License For Your Pet Dog

Sometimes I come across something online that's just so goddamn adorable that I HAVE to write about it.

About a year ago I thought that I had found the most adorable tog tag ever, but it turns out I was very very wrong.

Of course my idea was still awesome. I figured since I worked at MTLBlog, my dog should have an appropriate tag.

Which is why I created this dog tag for him:

Adorable right?

But now there's an even cuter option out there, one that's perfect for any Quebec Resident.

Doggy Driver's Licenses!

No, this isn't some crappy Photoshop, these are very real! And you can make you own in no time at all.

Simply choose your province, upload a photo and fill in the info.

They only cost $23 and every tag you buy goes to help animals in need with food, treatment and shelter.

And now here's Biff's new and improved ID:

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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