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"Quebec Of Cards" Is A Hilarious Parody Of Netflix's "House Of Cards"

Two things are undeniably on the minds of every Quebec resident: Netflix and the provincial elections.

One thing that links the two is the Netflix original series "House of Cards," the ultra-awesome political drama which has more than a few parallels with Quebec politics.

Sebastien Bovet decided to fuse the two, and remade the intro to House of Cards to be all about the ongoing provincial elections. Uploaded to YouTube by TURCOT100, the awesome video is below.

All the major players made Bovet's opening to "Quebec of Cards" (my created title) like Marois and Couillard, along with some funnier additions like "Le Referendum," "Quebecor," and Anarchopanda, with their names flashing in front of famous Montreal landmarks.

Check this homage to House of Cards and Quebec politics below.

Would you watch Quebec of Cards?

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