Quebec Officially Ranked One Of The Most Taxed Places In The Entire World

Quebec has long had a reputation as one of the most taxed places in not just Canada, but all of North America.

Many Quebec residents, however, are happy to contribute to their province's robust public services.

Acccording to TVA, a new report from the Bilan de la fiscalité au Québec gives a new perspective about the intensity of Quebec taxation.

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The report states that the Quebec population is one of the most taxed in the entire world in relation to its GDP, ranking at 15th globally.

The merits and disadvantages of heavy taxation and government spending were central points of the 2019 Canadian election. The federal Liberal government's plans to further a deficit and impose a tax on polluting materials like gasoline, for instance, were met with widespread criticism.

As always, the example of Quebec will play an important role in such debates.

How do you feel about the tax rate in Quebec?

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