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Quebec Opens Its First Ever "Poutine School"

You will want to enroll asap.
Quebec Opens Its First Ever "Poutine School"

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Put your course pack down, get out of lecture, and haul ass outta whatever educational institution you may currently be attending, because a new kind of school is soon to be in session, a poutine school, that is. We ain't lying, as resto-chain Planète poutine is getting ready to open "the world's first poutine training center," reports La Presse.

Kudos to Eater Montreal for pointing the poutine school in our direction, which will be located at what used to be the Collège d'affaires Ellis in Drummondville. Let this be a sign to all business students, get out of the world of commerce and get into the realm of poutine.

Planète poutine owner Yves junior Boissonneault explained the role of the facility, which will be used to train potential franchise owner in all things poutine. 8 poutine expert trainers will be on-site to train young poutine-padawans in the ways of the poutine, which may seem like overkill, but given Planète poutine's extensive menu, there's a lot ore to learn than the standard poutine-trinity of cheese, potato, and gravy.

At least twenty new Planète poutine restaurants are in the works for Planète poutine in 2015, as the chain spreads its reach further into Quebec and into New Brunswick, meaning class will be in session at the poutine school very soon and quite frequently. We're willing to fake being a franchisee simply to say "yes, I am a graduate of the top poutine university in the world."

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