Quebec Police Are Warning Against This Dangerous Scam That Could Get You Arrested

The scam is targeting young people.
Quebec Police Are Warning Against This Dangerous Scam That Could Get You Arrested

It's not uncommon to hear about scam artists and victims of elaborate schemes in the news. Money or personal information is usually stolen and it's typical for these scams to take place over the phone, in an online advertisement, through a text message, and in extreme cases, when someone comes to your door posing as a professional.

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TL;DR The SPVQ is warning parents and youth of a dangerous scam known as "La Guich" that uses a younger person's bank account to deposit and withdraw fraudulent money. The scam can lead to the account holder facing civil and criminal prosecution. More details below.

Most often, the people targeted are totally ignorant of what's going on and don't even know they've been apart of a scam until it's too late.

Well, a more popular scam that's on the rise actually exploits its victims to carry out illegal activity. Quebec City Police are warning youth of the scam as they seem to be the most common target for the scheme, known as "La Guich."

Via Sascha Kohlmann

The scam convinces a younger person (more vulnerable than an adult or older individual) to lend their bank account to the scammers for the deposit of fraudulently obtained money. 

The victim is offered pretty enticing financial compensation as long as they withdraw the money themselves, which would obviously frame them for the illegal act.

The SPVQ first launched an investigation into "La Guiche" back in 2017 alongside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which led to four arrests, according to the Journal Métro

Police are warning parents to be vigilant, as the young victims to this scam can be left with criminal charges and a tattered financial reputation.

Monitor online and social media use as well as bank deposits and withdrawals. With the "La Guich" scam on the rise, younger people are at extreme risk.

Stay tuned for more information.


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