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Quebec Police Shot And Killed Two Dogs Over The Weekend And The People Want Justice

Usually, Quebec police take the path of least destruction when dealing with a situation. They put themselves in dangerous scenarios to keep the public safe, and more often than not we tend to look to the police for making decisions that can be pretty tough. Sometimes the population is divided and while some of us agree with the actions of officers, others are really opposed to it.

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One of those situations just happened to be this weekend. When officers were called to a violent situation in Gatineau, Quebec on Saturday they ended up shooting and killing two dogs that were at the scene. While some people believe actions could have been taken to prevent this confrontation, residents in the area and fellow officers ultimately agree that the responding police made the right decision.

The tense situation began when police arrived at the location where they suspected a person had been badly injured in a violent crime. When trying to force their way into the unit in question, one of the residents threatened the police with "aggressive" dogs. According to a witness at the scene, the officers told the individual they would protect themselves from the dogs if need be. When they entered the unit they were greeted by the two dogs running at them. That's when five gunshots were fired and the dogs were killed.

Three people were arrested following the incident, while one suspect and one officer were taken to a hospital. Although the situation is over and the suspects will be facing the negative results of their actions, people are divided on what should be done when it comes to dogs in a violent situation. 

It seems as though everyone can agree police have a right to protect themselves in high-risk situations, but one resident of the building the crime took place in believes the dogs lost their lives simply because their owner wanted to seem tough and untouchable by police, which is an incredibly unjust reason. Those of us that have dogs can agree, all our four-legged friends really want to do is please their owners, even if sometimes it can cost them their life.

Even though this situation has ended residents of the building are still pretty shocked by everything that happened, and find themselves feeling really bad for the dogs that died during the altercation.

This definitely isn't the first time criminals have used dogs as protection when approached by police, and unfortunately it won't be the last. We can only hope pets are taken away from bad situations like this before it escalates to such a negative outcome.

Gatineau's mayor has yet to comment on the shooting that took place, but says the municipal regulations around dangerous dogs don't apply to this situation since the dogs were indoors during the time of the attack. 


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