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Quebec Political Parties Are Promising To Raise Minimum Wage

Farmers and small business owners will be compensated generously.
Quebec Political Parties Are Promising To Raise Minimum Wage

Quebec's political parties are campaigning pretty hardcore right about now, and since we're still in the earlier days of the election campaign there's still a long way to go. During this time, each party has the opportunity to speak to their supporters (and haters) and make some promises that might seem irresistible. 

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This is exactly what we've been seeing in the last weeks. We've heard about the half price off on the STM and the promise that the province will ban gasoline-using cars, but now there are two political parties in Quebec that are trying to land your vote with the same guarentee: to raise minimum raise to $15.

Yes, the much debated topic is finally getting some serious recognition from both Parti Québécois and Québec Solidaire. The parties have different ways of going about their promise, with the PQ saying they'll implement an increase to a $15 minimum wage very gradually, where as the QS has announced if they're elected Quebecers would see the new wage as early as next year.

Québec Solidaire has also announced that they would invest $100 million a year over the next five years to help out smaller businesses and farmers in the province.

Of course, there is a bit of concern over raising the minimum wage too quickly, as we've seen with our neighbouring province. It could become a huge problem for smaller business owners as they try to keep up with paying their employees. Luckily, both parties have expressed that they would offer compensation programs for those that need it, which would ultimately soften the blow on mom & pop stores that would have to abide by raising their hourly pay.

Both parties seem like they've thought out the new minimum wage plan, but how will workers and employers react to it? It will definitely be interesting to see what this campagin, and ultimately the elected party, becomes in the next months and if the promise to raise the minimum wage is kept.


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