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Quebec Political Party Kicked Out One Of Their Candidates For Doing Something Super Creepy

He's secretly been doing some pretty illegal stuff!
Quebec Political Party Kicked Out One Of Their Candidates For Doing Something Super Creepy

Who doesn't love the election campaign season in Quebec? It's the only time of the year we actually get to see the faces behind each political party, get an understanding of what each party is advertising to offer the province, and of course... political scandals.

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Yes, they happen every year and usually we can get a good laugh out of it. But what about the times when a candidate does something that's just plain, well, creepy?

That's the case for CAQ candidate Stéphane Laroche. What he's been doing has been so bad that he was actually booted from the politcal party and has withdrawed completely from the election.

You're definitely wondering what he did that was so bad he would be kicked out of politics. Well, once you know you'll probably agree with the CAQ's decision.

Laroche owns a pub in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This particular spot is known for allowing underage teenagers inside. Despite numerous warnings, Laroche himself has welcomed in quite a few minors over the years, not only giving himself a bad name but also his establishment.

It only gets worse. The former CAQ candidate has also been exposed for paying his female employees less than his male employees. In fact, in recent years Laroche has gotten in trouble with the Standards Commission multiple times for not complying with the Pay Equity Act.

This whole scandal looks REALLY bad for the CAQ, who have now dropped their second candidate in the past couple weeks. The week has already been declared "disastrous" for the CAQ according to Liberal MNA's, so who knows what exactly is in store for the political party in the upcoming weeks on the campaign trail.

We can all agree that what Laroche did is pretty creepy and represents insane inequality, which is shocking for someone who was hoping to represent the province. There's no doubt that in the next weeks before voting we will definitely hear of more scandals from other candidates, so stay tuned for the latest information.


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