Quebec Political Party Launches Petition To Support "Bonjour-Hi" In The Province

Every politician at the National Assembly of Quebec may not be in favour of “Bonjour-Hi,” but one political party is supporting the use of the classic bilingual customer greeting of Montreal. 

Quebec’s Conservative Party launched a petition this past weekend supporting the use of “Bonjour-Hi.” 

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“Bilingualism is one of the trademarks of Montreal and southern regions' identity. It's also well known that a successful transaction begins with an open welcoming to customers” reads the petition’s webpage. 

Right now, the petition has 256 signatures. 

“Not only bilingual while campaigning!” says the Conservative Party of Quebec, which spells out the ulterior motive of this petition. 

Created only as far back as 2009 and with no seats in the National Assembly, Quebec’s Conservative Party is something of a small player on the province’s political scene. The party only polls as high as 4% across the province, reports CJAD

With that in mind, the petition looks like a way to curry favour with voters, many of whom are a bit miffed that Quebec politicians would go so far as to make a bill decrying the use of “Bonjour-Hi.”

The Conservative Party’s intention may be a bit more pure, as they could be using the petition to demonstrate how Quebecers truly feel about the “Bonjour-Hi ban” and use that as leverage to modify the bill. 

Either way, you can sign the petition here