Quebec Politician Totally Rips Into Justin Trudeau For Crying All The Time

Yesterday afternoon, a Conservative Quebec senator took to Twitter and posted a holiday-themed video that is basically a burn on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Showing himself wrapping up a box of tissues, Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais makes viewers aware that this is a gift for Trudeau. 

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"I think he's going to need it," says Dagenais. 

Avec humour, j’ai trouvé une façon de souhaiter Joyeux Noël à notre Premier ministre. #senCa #polcan

December 14, 2017

It may not seem like much, but for a politician, this is a little savage. 

Dagenais is, of course, ripping on Trudeau for the Prime Minister’s penchant for getting teary-eyed. 

Trudeau has opened his facial floodgates on numerous occasions, the most recent being the federal government’s formal apology to the LGBTQ2+ community. Other notable public cry sessions include Trudeau’s speech following Good Downie’s death and when the Prime Minister apologized to survivors of Newfoundland and Labrador residential schools. 

Seeing a politician get emotional is a rarity, especially in Canada where we’re used to our national leaders being stoic and steely. Some Canadians find Trudeau’s heart-on-his-sleeve mentality refreshing. 

Others, particularly folks in Quebec, don’t feel the same. Well, at least Quebec media, which has crafted the moniker "Madeleine Trudeau” for the Prime Minister following the LGBTQ2+ apology. 
Maybe it’s a generational thing, as older Canadians don’t think it’s appropriate for a man, let alone the Prime Minister, to show emotion. Either way, Dagenais’s Xmas-themed burn is still kind of funny, even if the Senator is being a little old and crusty about the whole thing.