Quebec Politicians Don't Want You To Use "Bonjour-Hi" Anymore

It is an irritant and a threat.
Quebec Politicians Don't Want You To Use "Bonjour-Hi" Anymore

Yesterday the Quebec government was hard at work dealing with the many complex issues our province is facing.

Just kidding!

Actually, our government was busy dealing with more "important" issues. Like the horrifying fact that people have been using the greeting "Bonjour-Hi", and that is simply unacceptable.

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Yesterday, the news came out that the French language is slightly on the decline in the workplace, and Quebec politicians rushed to quell the problem.

Couillard was evenquoted saying: “I would rather people, even an English-speaking Quebecer, just said Bonjour.”

"Bonjour-Hi" was described an irritant, a threat, and as symbol of widespread bilingualism. They even went as far as suggesting we should table a new bill to impose more French laws.

Meanwhile in Quebec, the overpasses are crumbling, our politicians are getting caught soliciting prostitutesand our plan to legalize weed has not been well thought out at all.

But sure, keep talking about how the use of the word "hi" is offensive, that's a really productive use of your time.


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