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Quebec Racer Named "World's Fastest Woman"

Proving that the most badass women live here.
Quebec Racer Named "World's Fastest Woman"

If you've ever wondered how hardcore Quebec women are, wonder no more. 

They are the most badass women on the planet! (we also happen to have the worlds hottest criminals)

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But this girl in particular deserves some attention today. Maude Bouladier has just been named the fastest woman on the planet, after setting a half-mile speed record of 210 mph. (338 km/h)

via @obprestigeaut

And did we mention she's only been racing for a year?

Maude set the record in her pink Lamborghini Huracán from OB Prestige. And if that name sounds familiar, that's because they were the team riding around in a super rare $3,000,000 Pagani Huayra during Grand Prix Weekend.


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