Quebec Ranked #1 Best City In Canada For "Young People"

One of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Canada!
Quebec Ranked #1 Best City In Canada For "Young People"

According to a recent study conducted byPoint2home - an independent market research company that covers real estate trends -has uncovered the surprising city which has taken the #1 spot for the top city in Canada for millennials to live.

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First, to quantify what it means to be "the best" city for millennials Point2Homes looked at the key factors that motivate young people to live in a given city.  In other words, what do young people want when it comes to considering a moving to a new place.

The two primary factors: affordable housing and the availability of quality employment. Makes sense, but it doesn't stop there.

Having a nice job and the apartment isn't enough to motivate young people to be happy, though. Young people also need access to leisure activities, other like-minded individuals, and eco-friendly resources to be able to lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

Point2Home looked at all these factors to measure the potential attractiveness of a sample of Canadian city.  And guess who came out on top?

It's not Montreal, nor is it Toronto - it's not even Vancouver!  Our province's capital Quebec City is the number one place for young people to live!

Didn't that just shatter all your assumptions about Canada and historic Quebec City?

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Quebec City came out on top across all the seven criteria, including unemployment rate, life satisfaction, low crime rate, healthcare, climate, level of education (the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or above).

Quebec City is the hidden gem of our country. It boasts an affordable housing market and has the third lowest unemployment rate in Canada and an above average yearly income.

The downside for the rest of Canada is, of course, language. It's pretty much impossible to get by in Quebec City without some knowledge of French or at least a willingness to learn.

However, it does seem like this city has a lot to offer so it might be worth considering learning a second language. Afterall, having a second or even third language under your belt can't hurt.

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