Quebec Ranked #1 Horniest People In Canada

You dirty little province!
Quebec Ranked #1 Horniest People In Canada

Ashley Madison, the world's largest dating site that caters to people who are already in relationships, released some very interesting statistics just in time for Valentine's day.

It turns out that Quebec and BC are the top two kinkiest provinces in Canada. but Quebec is even kinkier when it comes to certain bedroom adventures.

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The survey attempted to find out which Canadians are the most adventurous and experimental in bed. The survey polled 2500 north Americans and this is what they discovered.

1. 86% of Canadian men and 64% of women are open to trying new things suggested by their partners.

2. 15% of Canadians bring handcuffs into the bedroom. The stats are higher in Quebec, BC, and Alberta, where it's closer to 17%.

3. 24% of lovers surveyed in Quebec use blindfolds, compared to 19% in the rest of Canada.

4. 25% of Quebecers enjoy role play which is a lot more than the rest of Canada.

5. 20% of Canadian people say their partner's level of adventurousness important.  But only 10%  in Quebec, which means Quebecers are fully satisfied when it comes to sexual adventure.

6. 46.3% of Quebecers are into voyeurism.

7. 45.5% of Quebecers Are into fetichism.

8. 30.6 % of Quebecers enjoy exhibitionism.

9. 23.8% of Quebecers enjoy masochism, but only 7.15% are sadists, so that means at least 15% of masochist Quebec don't have a sadist to administer pain to them. That's like the saddest thing I've heard all day.