Lately, national headlines have focused on what feels like a shocking spike in crime.

Indeed, such claims are well-founded. According to Statistics Canada, reports of violent crime are up nationwide. 

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The situation in Toronto has further appalled Canadians. As the city contends with a rise in gun violence, including a mortality rate that is 30% higher than it was at the same point last year, it has also experienced tragedy.

Three people died after a lone gunman opened fire on pedestrians on Danforth Street. And then last week, a mass shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick left four people dead, including two police officers.

The rise in crime has also spurred new attention to crime statistics. So when Maclean's released its annual list of "Canada's Most Dangerous Places," it suited the national mood.

But buried in that data is some good news: Quebec is the safest of all Canadian provinces.

It's less that Quebec is ranked the #1 safest than it is that municipalities in Quebec are far less dangerous than cities and towns in every other province.

In overall crime, for example, the first Quebec municipality to enter the list is Montreal, which comes in at only the 97th most dangerous place in Canada.

Every other province enters the list much earlier. Even Summerside, Prince Edward Island and St-John's, Newfoundland are more dangerous than Montreal, at 36th and 77th most dangerous, respectively.

Quebec is equally impressive once you start to break down the data into categories of crime.

A Quebec municipality enters the list at only #40 for violent crime (Montreal), 31 for sexual assault (St-Jerôme), and 46 for other assault (Thetford Mines).

When it comes to homicide, Quebec performs less well but still much better than the other provinces. Only three Quebec municipalities rank in the national top 40 for homicide rates (Collines-de-l'Outaouais #14, St. Eustache #23, Granby #35).

For firearms offenses, Quebec has only one outlier: Thetford Mines at #17.

Overall, residents of Quebec can enjoy a much more peacefully society than other Canadian provinces.