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Quebec Ranked The #1 Safest Province In Canada, According To New Data From Statistics Canada

The province has the lowest crime rate in the country.
Quebec Ranked The #1 Safest Province In Canada, According To New Data From Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada just released updated numbers on police-reported crime statistics, and they make Quebec look pretty good compared with the rest of Canada.

Overall, it was one of the few provinces which reported a lower crime severity index, which "measures both the volume and severity of crimes reported to the police."

Quebec also has the lowest crime rate in all of Canada, according to these new Statistics Canada numbers.

Quebec scores second to last when it comes to the previously mentionned crime severity index (CSI), and it's one of three provinces that saw its CSI decrease.

Having a low CSI means that the province experiences fewer severe crimes, and less crime overall.

[rebelmouse-image 26890812 photo_credit="Statistics Canada" expand=1 original_size="879x372"] Statistics Canada

The province with the lowest CSI is Prince Edward Island. However, its CSI went up by 17% since last year, so Quebec may soon have the lowest score if this trend continues.

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When it comes to overall crime rate, Quebec scores dead last: for once, coming in last place is actually a good thing.

The crime rate "measures the volume of crime reported to the police per 100,000 population." Quebec has a crime rate of 3,304, compared to the national average of 5,488.

[rebelmouse-image 26890813 photo_credit="Statistics Canada" expand=1 original_size="906x549"] Statistics Canada

Quebec also has some of the safest cities in the country: once again, Quebec City has the lowest crime severity index of all Census Metropolitan Areas, and one of the lowest crime rates overall.

Montreal, however, looks a little worse: with an index of 58.3 it has the highest CSI of all the cities in Quebec on the list.

In comparison, Toronto has a CSI of 53.6. These are both much below the Canadian average of 75.

Quebec was revealed to be the safest province in Canada based on new data from Statistics Canada.

You can find the full Statistics Canada report here.

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