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Montreal Now Has More Than 13k COVID-19 Cases of Quebec's 27,538 Total

The region of Montreal remains the epicentre for the virus.
Montreal Now Has More Than 13k COVID-19 Cases of Quebec's 27,538 Total

As of April 30, there are now 27,538 COVID-19 cases in Quebec. And of these confirmed cases, the region of Montreal makes up for 13,324 of them. This marks the first time Montreal's case count has surpassed 13k.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Montreal has been the epicentre for the virus in Quebec.

During his press conference, Legault announced that in the past day, there have been 98 newly confirmed deaths. This now brings Quebec's total to 1,859 deaths related to COVID-19.

Legault offered his deepest sympathies to the friends and families of these victims to the virus.

The Premier mentioned during the public briefing that Montreal-Nord has a high amount of cases and that they will be testing more often in this area in the coming weeks. 

The novel coronavirus situation remains "relatively stable" in most Quebec regions, except Montreal.

Legault reminded us that certain stores in Montreal will open on May 11 and that elementary schools and daycares could open again as of May 19 — if the situation permits.

"The battle is not won in Montreal," Legault told us. He announced to the public that if suggested health measures are not followed, like keeping two metres apart from one another, these dates will be pushed back.

Below, you can watch the live feed of Legault's press conference on April 30.

"If we relax our efforts and the situation does not improve in the Montreal area, we will not hesitate for a second to postpone the planned opening," Legault added.

"In order to return to a more normal life, the situation must be under control. If people do not respect the instructions, we will not succeed and we will remain confined."

"This is no time to let go."

Here's a breakdown of the case count within each Quebec region.

[rebelmouse-image 26885509 photo_credit="Institut national de sant\u00e9 publique" expand=1 original_size="621x612"] Institut national de santé publique

After Montreal, the other regions that continue to be "hot spots" for the virus are Montérégie with 3,230 cases and Laval with 3,163.

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In total, Quebec has now had 186,509 individuals test negative for having the novel coronavirus.

Stay tuned for more news.

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