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Quebec Reaches 39,931 Cases & Legault Says Masks Are Not Mandatory 'For The Moment'

But the government highly recommends wearing them in public.
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Quebec Reaches 39,931 Cases & Legault Says Masks Are Not Mandatory 'For The Moment'

Premier François Legault held his usual press conference at 1 p.m. today sporting a new pair of glasses, which he promised are not "rose-tinted." During this time, Legault announced that there are now 39,931 COVID-19 cases in Quebec. This number represents an augmentation of 706 cases reported within the past 24 hours.

There have now been 3,220 total deaths related to the virus in Quebec, to which Legault offered his condolences to anyone who was close to these individuals.

The premier also told the public that today, at the National Assembly, all present deputies shared a minute of silence for these victims.

In this same vein, the Quebec flag is being put half-mast today at the Parliament building as a tribute to COVID-19 victims.

Yesterday, Legault said that the government now "highly recommends" that Quebecers wear protective face coverings in public.

He again stressed this idea today in his Facebook post, saying "I am asking Quebecers to get into [mask wearing] in great numbers and make it a habit. I am convinced that Quebecers are capable of adapting, of thinking of others and of regaining control of the contagion."

But, such has still not been made mandatory "for the moment."

Below is a live feed of the Government of Quebec's press conference.

So far, 10,470 people in Quebec have recovered from the novel coronavirus.

Time was taken by the government today to honour all of the people who have left us during the past nine weeks.

Translation: The Government of Quebec is paying tribute today to the Quebecers who were taken away by COVID-19. A minute of silence will be observed and the Quebec flag will be flown at half-mast on the tower of the Parliament Buildings. I offer my sincere condolences to the families & loved ones of the departed.

Currently, there are 1,876 individuals who remain hospitalized due to the virus.

Today, the government also announced that non-contact sports, such as golf and tennis, will soon be permitted in the province again.

Stay tuned for updates about that!

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