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Quebec Reports 875 New COVID-19 Cases In The Past 24 Hours

There have also been 84 more deaths reported.
Quebec Reports 875 New COVID-19 Cases In The Past 24 Hours

After taking the weekend off, Premier François Legault got back to holding his daily public briefings. In today's, he announced that as of April 27, there are 24,982 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. The previous day, 24,107 infections were confirmed, meaning there was a rise of 875 cases in the past 24 hours.

There have been 84 more reported deaths, bringing the province's total to 1,599. "My thoughts are with the families and friends of these victims," the Premier said.

Legault thanked the many people who have agreed to volunteer their time to the province's CHSLDs, which include Super Bowl winner Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

During the daily press conference, Legault announced that if everything stays the way it currently is, primary schools and daycares in most regions of Quebec will open again on May 11.

They will not open in the Montreal metropolitan area, which includes Laval, until May 19.

But, the situation will be closely monitored during the upcoming days and will be "adjusted as necessary."

Additionally, as the Premier has previously mentioned, sending kids to school will not be obligatory before summer.

A live feed of the Government of Quebec's press conference on April 27 is available for you to watch below.

In his Facebook post on April 27, Legault stated that "we are ... on track to win the first battle against the spread of the virus in the community. This is the primary condition for gradually starting to revive Quebec."

Santé Québec's Twitter update tells us that since the beginning of the pandemic, 175,190 individuals have tested negative for COVID-19 in Quebec.

Currently, 1,541 people remain hospitalized in the province, with 210 in intensive care.

Below, you can see the case count in every Quebec region.

[rebelmouse-image 26885575 photo_credit="Institut national de sant\u00e9 publique du Qu\u00e9bec" expand=1 original_size="639x609"] Institut national de santé publique du Québec

Montreal, which remains the region with the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the province, has now reached a total of 12,034.

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