Quebec Restaurant Ranked #1 "Best New Restaurant" In Canada

If you’re looking for the best spot to eat, you don’t need to travel far. 

Canada’s very best new restaurant is only a short drive away in Quebec City. 

Battuto, an intimate Italian restaurant in Quebec City, was named the best eatery in the nation in Air Canada’s Top 10 list of Canada's Best New Restaurants. 

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More than 30 restaurants were in-the-running to make the list, made in collaboration with American Express and found in the November issue of Air Canada’s en Route magazine. 

Only ten restaurants made the final cut and there is definitely some provincial pride to be found in the fact that the number one spot is going to a restaurant in Quebec. 

Described as a “20-seat Italian diner in Quebec City,” Battuto’s culinary offerings are managed by chef Guillaume St-Pierre and his rather small team of three chefs. 

Formerly a snack bar, Battuto now serves “paper-thin rounds of Charlevoix-pork lonza and zests fresh orange over bitter raw endives and grilled octopus within front-row proximity,” to quote the restaurant rankings. 

With only four people on the kitchen staff, Battuto is definitely a small-scale affair, which is apparently a trend this year. 

Smaller, more intimate restaurants also took the number two and three spots, and according to Andrew Braithwaite, the food critic who assembled the list, “restaurants were sized down in 2017.”

“Smaller rooms shrink the distance between these talented chefs and our taste buds” said Braithwaite, “so we diners spend more time interacting with a restaurant's best people."

Sounds like a good trade-off to us. 

A Montreal restaurant also made the top-ten list, with Marconi coming in at number 9. Housed in Mile-Ex, Marconi is a former depanneur transformed into one of Motnreal’s most consistently impressive culinary offerings since opening late last year.  

What Canadian restaurants beat out Marconi? You can check out the top ten best new restaurants in Canada below, and start preparing your culinary cross-country road-trip. 

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