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Quebec School Bans Homework

The best back to school gift there ever was.
Quebec School Bans Homework

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School would be a lot more bearable if there was no homework involved. Homework-less school is but a far fetched dream for most university students, but a certain elementary school in Quebec is giving its kids the magical gift of no homework.

In Saguenay, College de Saint-Ambroise, is trying out a 1 year pilot project where virtually no homework will be given to any of its 339 students. The goal is to make life easier for parents and students alike, as the ol' HW can (and does) eat up a lot of home time for both.

Notice the "virtually" in front of homework though, as student's aren't getting off the hook entirely. Intense homework like essays or math problems won't be assigned, though students may still receive studying and reading homework from teachers.

Homework is no fun for anyone, and the leaders of the pilot project believe positive results will be the result. More free time means students will have the ability to participate in extra curriculars, or, you know, just play, like kids are supposed to.

Pro-homework supporters (do they exist?) should keep in mind that College de Saint-Ambroise isn't the first school to try this out. As Global News points out, a school in Barrie, Ontario did the same thing in 2008, and students grades actually improved.

More time to let kids actually be kids seems like a good idea to us, and lets be honest here, who actually even did their homework back in elementary school? If you did, please do not answer that and let the rest of us live in our fantasy world.

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