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Québec Solidaire Plans To Take Power Through Climate Politics & Spark Quebec Separation

Climate change has officially been politicized.
Quebec Solidaire Plans To Take Power Through Climate Politics And Spark Separation In Quebec
  • Provincial party Québec solidaire has released new plans regarding Quebec separation and sovereignty. 
  • Climate politics were mentioned as a way to encourage youth to vote for the separatist party, as the issue has become increasingly important to young people in the province.

According to several reports, Québec solidaire has recently put forth new plans to take power in Quebec so that they can then push for separation, as one of the party's main foundational blocks is sovereignty. 

The plan, in it's simplest terms, goes like this. Once Québec solidaire gets elected government of the province, they will draft a constitution. 

The constitution will then go to a referendum "and if yes wins, the country is born," Le Journal de Montreal explains.

Québec solidaire also put forth several "acts of rupture" which would follow the creation of a sovereign Quebec. 

These acts, according to The Canadian Press, include abolishing the lieutenant-governor, who stands as the provincial representative to the Queen, as well as removing the Queen from the oath that elected officials take when sworn in.

Sol Zanetti, one of the party's elected members, has spoke at length about the issue of climate change and highlighted it as a specific vehicle to garner the vote of the youth in Quebec - which we know was fairly effective in the last provincial election with many young people opting to vote for Québec solidaire, despite their ties to separatism. 

Zanetti, at Québec solidaire's recent political convention, acknowledged that young people across the province are politicized on the issue of climate change, a truth we saw in the recent protest.

He believes enough persuading will convince young people to vote for Québec solidaire thanks to their firm stand on environmental issues. Then, the hope is that these voters will also opt to separate. 

Zanetti's tweet above explains the "Reasons to make an independent Quebec," which are:

🛢️ Free from Canada's petro-state
📜💰 Have control over our laws and taxes
🌎 Have a say around the table of international decision-makers
🤢 And dissociate from this ... thing (which the federal government has promoted!)

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The tweet below reads, "Can someone explain to Sol Zanetti than an independent Quebec will not stop Canada from being a petro-state and that climate change will still continue?"

This tweet was in response to the one captured in the image, where Zanetti expresses, "I am never happy after a federal election. We live in a Canada of petroleum who wants to pass a pipeline through us. Climate change worries me and we don't have the weight in Quebec to keep our interests respected in the Canadian structure."

It has been clear from very early on that Québec solidaire cares deeply about the environment. 

However, it is unclear after Zanetti's recent comments if that care for the environment comes from a place of environmentalism or strategy.

Québec solidaire won't be up for election until 2022, when the next provincial election will happen in Quebec. But until then, you can be sure they will be present at environmental rallies and protests, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Quebec's youth.

If that means they get elected in 2022, you can expect a referendum. 

What happens after that is anyone's guess.

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