Quebec Speed Limit To Be Possibly Increased To 120 Km/h This Fall

A pilot project long time in the making.
Quebec Speed Limit To Be Possibly Increased To 120 Km/h This Fall

Photo cred - Zhu Xiaozhuli

Montreal and Quebec City drivers (who actually obey the speed limit) are going to get a little extra speed in a few months, as the provincial government is looking to increase the maximum speed allowed on two different roadways. Planned for this fall, the pilot project will bump up the limit from 100km/h to 120 km/h.

Two separate roads will be used for the speed-boost pilot project, with one planned to be on a highway close to Montreal and the other nearby Quebec City. The speed increase will only be allowed when the weather permits, but how that will be enforced remains unclear.

Quebec's transport minister told CBC that the roads chosen will likely be spots where the existing speed limit is below 100km/h, "on a lower type of road where sometimes it looks like a highway but it’s not." Exact locations will likely be released closer to the end of summer.

Don't get too comfy with speeding, however, as a new type of photo radar system on Quebec roads is also in the works. The tech will take a picture of your car + license plate at one of the road, then take another further along, and assess whether you were speeding or not. If you were, then you can look forward to a speeding ticket sent through the mail.

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