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Weather Forecast For Spring 2020 In Southern Quebec

Spring begins on March 19 — but will it feel like it by then?
Weather Forecast For Spring 2020 In Southern Quebec
  • It's safe to say that the majority of Quebecers are ready for winter to be over, so naturally, the Quebec spring weather forecast for 2020 is on all of our minds.
  • Knowing this, I looked into predictions for our province's weather for the upcoming season.
  • Read the Old Farmer Almanac's spring forecast for Southern Quebec below!

I'm sure most of you are with me when I say that I'm done with winter. All I can think of now is spring festivals , picnics at the park , and road trips to pretty far-off places. I'm here asking the big question: Spring, according to the calendar, begins on March 19 — but will it feel like spring by that time? And as someone who needs every curiosity that crosses her mind answered, I started looking into predictions for Quebec spring weather this year.

I had high hopes on February 2 when I found out that the infamous Fred la Marmotte did not see his shadow that morning, which is supposed to indicate an early spring.

Here we are, 20 days later, and it does feel an awful lot like spring (minus the snow) but something tells me that it's about to get cold again. That "something" is the Old Farmer's Almanac , which is a reference book for many things, including weather forecasts that are known to have an 80% accuracy rate.

The Old Farmer's Almanac's long-range forecast cannot be city-specific, so these may not be exactly what we'll be feeling in Montreal — but it's likely to be pretty close.

In the upcoming weeks, the Almanac predicts that it will rain more than usual and snow less than usual, which to me, sounds like spring weather is making its way over.

According to the Almanac, the final week of February, that we're currently making our way into, will have numerous snow showers and be "cold."

Here's a week to week prediction of what March has in store for us Southern Quebecers.

[rebelmouse-image 26886685 photo_credit=" The Old Farmer's Almanac " expand=1 original_size="564x368"] The Old Farmer's Almanac

95mm of precipitation...

Or, if it stays cold, it also means we could have quite a bit of freezing rain coming our way.

So, keep your umbrellas on hand.

The Almanac told us more about what to expect in Quebec for the spring months. "April and May will have temperatures below normal in the east and above normal in the west and be drier than normal."

[rebelmouse-image 26886686 photo_credit=" The Old Farmer's Almanac " expand=1 original_size="1197x311"] The Old Farmer's Almanac

If we look at this chart, it's safe to say we won't be wearing shorts and tank tops for the next few months. But, May is supposed to be warmer than usual, we can expect to start getting some hot temperatures by then.

If ever you're a major planner and want to know the Old Farmer's Almanac predictions for the rest of 2020, you can get one of the books here .

And, if not, at least you have an idea of what the next little while is going to be feeling like!

I'm hoping that the new saying becomes "March showers bring April flowers."

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