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Quebec Students Are Smarter Than Ontario Students

It's a numbers game.
Quebec Students Are Smarter Than Ontario Students

Math is one of those school subjects everyone has a love-hate relationship with. 

Students love doing well in math, since it's such an important subject, but students often find math to be quite difficult.

Not Quebec students, however, since they outpace the rest of Canada when it comes to mathematic aptitude, especially Ontario.

Due to the abysmal math-abilities of Ontario students, the province's government is looking at ways to restructure the way the subject is taught. 

Quebec may be the best model, notes CJAD, since students in la belle province score quite well when it comes to math. 

An analysis of each province's education system conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found that Quebec-based students were the only ones to score higher than the national average. 

Basically, when it comes to math, Quebec students are smarter than Ontario students, and potentially smarter than anywhere else in Canada. 

The reason why is actually pretty simple: Quebec has better teachers. 

Compared to Ontario, getting a teaching degree in Quebec is far more rigorous and includes more hands-on training in actual classrooms. A Quebec teacher-in-training spends upwards of 700 in a classroom environment. 

An education professor at McGill University interviewed by CJAD also points out another major difference between Quebec and Ontario when it comes to how math (and other subjects) are taught. 

In Quebec, high school begins at Grade 7, whereas in Ontario it starts at Grade 9. Quebec students, then, get more teaching from specialized high school teachers rather than by standard elementary school teachers, leading to a far better educational experience. 

All in all, Quebec teachers are better trained than Ontario teachers, so Quebec students are smarter than Ontario students. It's a beautiful cycle...for Quebec. 

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