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Quebec Taxis Are Striking At These Spots In Montreal And Quebec City Today

The strike is going on until 7 PM.
Quebec Taxis Are Striking At These Spots In Montreal And Quebec City Today

If you missed the news last week, Montreal taxi drivers are planning on striking today to protest Legault's Bill 17 which they think is unfair towards cabbies and potentially benefits Uber drivers.

The strike is planned to run today from 7 AM to 7 PM

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TL;DR Taxis are striking in Quebec today and it is guaranteed to slow down traffic throughout Montreal and Quebec City. Below is the planned starting point for the strikes in both cities.

A Taxi strike is scheduled on Monday. Transportation services to the airport could be affected. Allow more time to get to the airport.

To find alternative transportation services:

March 24, 2019

The plans for the strike, according to the CBC, currently include travelling in procession, likely at an abnormally slow pace for a taxi in Montreal.

You'll likely also hear a fair amount of honking. 

George Boussios, president of Champlain Taxi and a spokesperson for Montreal taxi operators, said they worked with Bonnardel and the Transport Ministry in good faith and have been let down.#francoisBonnardeltrash #DécouragerEntrepeneur #supportQuebecFamilies

March 23, 2019

These are the areas that the taxis are planning to start their strikes, so they will likely be most affected the earliest this morning. 

In Montreal:

  • Galeries d'Anjou
  • Carrefour Laval

In Quebec City:

  • Jean-Talon Market de Charlesbourg
  • Galeries de la Canardière
  • Cooperative taxis of Sainte-Foy

MontrealDrive: RT katemckenna8: The parking lot at Galeries d’Anjou is starting to fill with taxi drivers about to start a 12-hour strike. Drivers across…

March 25, 2019

According to the CBC, drivers are likely to strike in front of the offices of the Commission des transport du Quebec, located at 545 boulevard Cremazie Est at the corner of rue Lajeunesse in Youville. 

We will, of course, update you when we have more information on their planned routes. 


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