Quebec Teacher Comes Face To Face With A Polar Bear

Doesn't look as snuggly in person.
Quebec Teacher Comes Face To Face With A Polar Bear

Polar bears are cute, right? Well, maybe from a distance. I know I'd be pretty freaking scared if I came face to face with one. I'd be especially freaked out if it showed off in my hometown close to where I live and not out in the wild.

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On Sunday, in Puvirnituq, a Quebec's Rivière-du-Loup teacher Julie Côté encountered an actual polar bear while taking a walk not too far away from her home. She said she could still see the houses and hear dogs barking.

Imagine that! Luckily she was alone and her students were safe, but what if the bear had reached the school? This town is only a couple of hours away from Montreal!

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She waited and didn't make any sudden movements, which she knew was the safest reaction. Luckily, the bear didn't see her and she
was able to make her escape.

Ms. Côté ran over to the police office, but at first, they didn't even believe her. Never before had they had a bear that close to the town before.

Turns out, an Inuit hunter was able to shoot the bear before the police reached the scene. His partner saw him between two houses.

Hunters guessed that the bear was about two years old, and assumed that because of a snowstorm that hit the region the night before, he may have gotten lost and wandered a bit too far.

The town kept the head as a trophy and shared the meat throughout the town, so at least the bear wasn't wasted.

Une professeure se retrouve à quelques mètres d’un ours polaire: même les Inuits n’avaient jamais vu de telles bêtes aussi près de leur village …