Quebec Thieves Steal Nation's Most Valuable Resources: Hockey Sticks

Photo cred - National Post

You know Quebec criminals are desperate when they steal thousands of dollars worth of hockey sticks. Last week, after one previous failed attempt, thieves in Gatineau managed to make off with $38,000 worth of high-end hockey sticks from a local sport store.

That's basically 128 sticks worth $300 each. Or 4,750 packs of bacon. Or roughly 3,534 large poutines from La Banquise. Regardless, $38,000 is quite a bit of dough.

Canadians are known for being softies, but stealing hockey sticks is about as Canadian as it gets, as far as heists go. Scratch that, the great Maple Syrup Heist of 2012 takes that honour by far. But still, who steals hockey sticks? There are surely better things to sell on the black market than hockey sticks. On that note, another reflection of how tame we are here in Canada if what's most in demand on our black market is hockey sticks and maple syrup.

Maybe the two thieves are actually do-gooders, stealing hockey equipment from the rich to give to those less fortunate, like Robin Hood but for underprivileged kids too poor to play hockey. While that's highly unlikely, it would be in line with just how polite Canadians are. I wonder if they even offer complimentary stick taping while they sell their wares out of the back of their van.