Quebec Thieves Tried To Use A Tractor To Rob A Bank

Only in Canada.
Quebec Thieves Tried To Use A Tractor To Rob A Bank

Last night, around 9:15, the National Bank on Taschereau Boulevard in Longueuil was witness to a very strange scene.

Two suspects attempted to rob a bank with... a tractor?

Their plan was foolproof. When two security gards got out of an armored vehicle to enter the bank the suspects chained the doors shut, locking the gards inside. 

With the guards thus immobilised, they used a tractor to repeatedly ram into the armoured vehicle. Their attempts were fruitless. It seems pretty obvious that a tractor would be no match against an armoured vehicle, and you have to wonder how much research went into their plan.

One of the security guards used their cell phone to call the police.

The would-be thieves eventually abandonned their attempted robbery and left empty-handed. Had they used a zamboni instead maybe they would have been more successful?

Constable Mélanie Mercille tells LaPresse that the guards were stuck in the bank for about half an hour before they were let out by police.

The two suspects are still on the loose, and probably feeling pretty dumb right about now. We will update this story with more details as we get them.


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