Quebec To Be Hit By 20cm Snowstorm Next Week

Brace yourself, 'real' winter is coming!
Quebec To Be Hit By 20cm Snowstorm Next Week

There is huge snowstorm headed towards Quebec this weekend,  and according to Environment Canada, that storm will be dumping up to 20cm of snow in one day, followed by another 5-10 centimeters a couple of days later.

If that wasn't bad enough, the depression system responsible for that storm will also be bringing the icy temperatures along for the ride.

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So it's safe to say we can say goodbye to any hope of having and Indian Summer this year.

But don't panic too much!

So far things look pretty good for Montreal, it seems like the storm will be hitting closer to Quebec city, so as long as there aren't any major wind shifts, then we should be avoiding most of the chaos.

If the weather doesn't change, it looks like we might only get a maximum of 5cm of snow on Sunday, which would be a lot more manageable than 20cm.

After all no one wants to wake up to a snowstorm on a Monday morning.


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