Quebec To Be Hit By "Polar Vortex" This Winter

Big snow, big wind, big ice!

Last night, Montreal got hit with a little more than 5 cm of snow. And if you thought that was annoying, then brace yourselves, because shit's only getting started.

This morning I heard those words you simply never want to hear during the winter.

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It's those two dreaded words that send a chill down your spine and make you want to curl up in the fetal position and hibernate all winter.

Polar Vortex.

That's right, we were spared last year, but this time the polar vortex is back with a vengeance.

You can already feel the colder air this morning, and it's going to stay that way at least until Christmas because the arctic air is on its way.

So why is this happening?

Normally the polar vortex stays in the North Pole, but as the arctic ice caps melt, there is more open water, which means more heat rises into the air. This weakens the polar vortex which causes it to move towards us.

Basically it means, we can expect unseasonable low temperatures and unseasonably high precipitation.

Or as the Old Farmer's Almanac puts it, the next few weeks will all be about: "Snowstorm, then snow showers, (and) cold."

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