Quebec To Be Hit With 20cm Of Heavy Snow This Weekend

This is not good news.
Quebec To Be Hit With 20cm Of Heavy Snow This Weekend

Hot on the heels ofcountless Rainfall Warnings issued for much of Quebec, Environment Canada has now also issued a Snowfall Warning for certain parts of Quebec.

The areas mentioned below are expected to see anywhere from 15 to 20 cm of heavy snow which is sure to impact driving and road conditions. 

This Snowfall Warning has been issued in combination with a Rainfall warning, so this weekend is shaping up to be an all-around mess. 

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TL;DR Parts of Quebec are not only under a Rainfall Warning for this weekend, but a Snowfall Warning as well. Environment Canada is alerting citizens in the area to be aware of the impacts of the mix of snow and rain over the coming days, particularly in conjunction with ongoing floods. 

The Snowfall Warning for the Abitibi region mentions these specific areas:

Amos area

La Sarre area


Other Snowfall Warning areas include:

Waskaganish area

Joutel - Matagami area

Miquelon - Desmaraisville area

This heavy snow will also impact visibility, perhaps making it difficult to properly see road conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

As mentioned above, this Snowfall Warning comes in conjunction with a Rainfall Warning that is in place for much of the province. 

The forecast is calling for 20-50mm of rain between "Friday and Saturday," which will only exacerbate the flooding situation in the region. 

The tweet above also shows that, in addition to the income snow and rain, there is still a significant amount of snow up north that has yet to melt.

This could mean the current flood situation in Quebec is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

We will, of course, keep you updated as more details about the weekend weather comes to light. If you are out and about and see any worrisome weather, be sure to contact Urgence Quebec, and tag us in any videos @MTLblog.

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