Quebec To Get "Home Delivery" Marijuana Service

Marijuana legalization can’t come quick enough, because when it does happen in Canada next year, we could all be getting bud in the mail. 

That is, at least, the goal of UPS and other prominent postal services operating in Quebec. 

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“If it’s legal, we’ll be there” said Nicolas Dorget, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at UPS Canada, to JDM on the topic of marijuana-in-the-mail. 

Once cannabis becomes legalized in Quebec, and across the country, UPS hopes to have a home-delivery service in place. Goodbye sketchy dealers, hello mailman. 

UPS Canada is quite excited about the legalization of marijuana, describing the cannabis market as a soon-to-be-essential business sector.

Of course, safety and security when delivering marijuana by mail is already a top concern for UPS Canada, though the company believes its existing security framework will be enough to handle the specific legalities of cannabis. 

Security checks for age when delivering to a recipient already exist, points out UPS Canada, an essential tool when dealing with a  soon-to-be-controlled substance like marijuana. 

Purolator, another major postal service in Quebec, has also expressed interest in marijuana delivery. Nothing is set in stone, but Purolator did say they were working on potential delivery systems. 

But no matter what shipping-and-postal companies like UPS or Puralator have planned, what the government releases as law when marijuana is legalized will dictate how marijuana home-delivery will work. If it will be allowed to at all. 

Another factor is how individual provinces will respond. While the federal government will likely set 18 as the minimum age-requirement for marijuana, a province could set the bar higher. 

Health Canada already controls mail-delivered marijuana, but only for those holding an official medical marijuana card.  

Quebec is holding a large public forum on the topic of legal marijuana today, in Rimouski, and then in other spots across the province. 

The provincial government is hosting a public consultation to hammer out the details on legalized marijuana in Quebec. 

But even law-makers realize that the "first draft" on a legal framework for marijuana won't be perfect.

The legal framework introduced next year, when marijuana becomes legalized nation-wide, will likely be ratified as time goes on,  said Quebec's Public Health Minister to Radio-Canada

So if you really want to see mail-order marijuana, then you should let the provincial government know. Average citizens can voice their opinion tonight at the public consultation in Rimouski. 

Or, you can wait until the public consultations on legalized marijuana in Quebec come to Montreal, scheduled for September 7th.