Quebec To Host Its Very Own "Burning Man" Style Music Festival At The End Of July

If you are to go on one road trip this summer, this is it.

Photo cred - Andrei Kalamkarov

Nature, art, technology, music, and nightlife will combine into North America's premiere electronic music festival, going down just outside of Montreal.

The Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival is a four-day outdoor festival of artistic performances and live music, and can only be described as a mind-blowing experience.

Over 20 international artists, along with 100 local acts, will let their sounds soar across the campground-festival site at Eclipse, all over the course of 4 days. A mix of electronic music genres will reverberate across the natural landscape, making for live performances unlike you’ve ever seen.

Three separate stages will be set up at Eclipse, each with their own vibe and genre. Professional artist and designers have outfitted the Solar (house/psytrance), Lunar (techno/electro), and Stellar (downtempo psybient) Stages, transforming each into an interactive work of art.

All of the art, people, and sounds, will be a lot to take in, but thankfully Eclipse saw that coming and built the "Healing Zone," an area where anyone can de-stress and chill out for a while. Festivals can take a lot out of you, so it's comforting to know you'll have a place to get some downtime.

More than a simple music festival, Eclipse is all about the sharing of ideas and culture too. Everyone, of all ideologies, are invited to join and express themselves without reservation, so long as each person respects the natural setting/forest area.

The Eclipse Electronic Music Festival will be the most magical part of your summer. Eclipse begins July 25th and runs 'til the 28th, so get on buying your tickets now, while they're still in stock.

For more info on all things Eclipse, head to the official website and FB page. To see what's in store for you, check out the Eclipse 2014 trailer below.

Will we see you at Eclipse?