Quebec To Pass Law Forcing Montreal Police Officers To Wear Their FULL Uniform

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year, you've undoubtedly noticed that the cops haven't been wearing their uniforms to protest the changes in their pension plans.

Regardless of what side of the issue you stand on, one thing we can all agree is on is that the cops look stupid and they're making the rest of us look stupid as well.  If you don't agree just check out this little hall of shame:

The last picture where the officer was wearing that ridiculous getup during the funeral of Jacques Parizeau was the last straw for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre who has asked Premier Couillard to pass a new law. This law would require officers to wear their actual uniforms and do away with the army pants, the weird tights and the red hats. Seriously they look like "Village People" rejects. Except for that 3rd picture, she looks like a girl scout leader in training.

So again whether you agree with their cause or not, I think most of us can agree that enough is enough. This tactic is obviously not effective and the only thing it has achieved is to make police officers appear less authoritative. Although they do plenty of other things that make them lose credibility in the eyes of the public. Such as this little incident ... and of course this one.

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