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Quebec Vs. Canada Fight On The Montreal Metro

Can't we all just get along?
Quebec Vs. Canada Fight On The Montreal Metro

One fateful metro ride got heated with national and provincial pride.

That's the premise behind the video below. A fight between Canadians and Quebecers broke out on Montreal's metro cars, and the conclusion is altogether surprising.

Check it below.

The inspiration behind the video came from director T.J. Hazelden's desire to get people out to the voting polls. Rather than make a simple "Go Vote!" video, he wanted to make something to show that everyone could get along, no matter what language they speak.

That, and Hazelden would not want to leave the province, because that would mean moving his cats. And we all know how much of a bitch moving cats can be.

Directed by: T.J. Hazelden from Dinner with TJ & David Adelman

Edited and Filmed by: David Adelman

Will you be voting?

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