Quebec Wants To Ban Women With Burkas From Using The STM Bus And Metro

Yesterday we mentioned how Quebec is trying to make Montreal super racist again, and naturally everyone started freaking out. 

It's all part of Bill 62, the new amendment to the province's religious neutrality laws. 

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And it's not just rules for people who want to work for the government. These rules would affect anyone trying to get access the city's public services. 

According to Journal Metro the STM refuses to comment on these new rules, but on Tuesday the Justice Minister of Quebec confirmed that the policies in Bill 62 would extend to all municipalities as well as the the entire public transportation system. 

So it's official, if the new rules go into effect, women who wear Niqabs or Burkas would not be allowed to use the STM anymore. And since this includes "all public transportation" that means they won't use the bus or the metro. Hell, they might not even be able to rent BIXIs.

Quebec has officially lost its mind.

For more information on these insane new rules, click here

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