Quebec Wildlife Official Receives Death Threat For Killing A Sick Moose [Video]

A wild life officier was faced with a very tough decision last week, ultimately, he chose to end the life of a female moose in Vallée-Jonction in Beauce Quebec as the moose was infected with a deadly parasite. 

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This video was captured, and once posted to Facebook, quickly sparked intense contraversey over the killing of the animal. Check out the video for yourself.

As you can see the video has received over 1K comments and 3K shares.

Seems like everyone had something to say about the killing of this female moose.

It was all classic Facebook jabber until one user escalated the conversation to the point of serious concern. 

The user went so far as to send a real death threat message saying that it was the wildlife officer who "deserved the ball between the two ears, no?"

The officer took this threat on his life seriously and immediately reached out to  Quebec Police (Sûreté du Québec), who then subsequently opened an investigation.

Later, The Union of Wildlife Protection Officers of Quebec caught wind of this conflict and decided to make an official post clarifying the details of the killing for the public, ultimately, explaining that it was the best decision for this very sick animal. Here is the Facebook post.

The president of the association gave a public warning as a result of this incident and says that, no threat to a wildlife officer will be tolerated during the upcoming hunting season.

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