Quebec Will Be Experiencing Super Dangerous Wind Gusts Up To 110km/h

What is wrong with the weather?!
Quebec Will Be Experiencing Super Dangerous Wind Gusts Up To 110km/h

With the sudden bouts of snowfall and freezing rain across the province, it seems as if we've already been having a pretty bad experience with the weather this season. Well, get ready Quebec, because we haven't seen anything yet.

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TL;DR Environment Canada is warning that Quebec will experience up to 110km/h wind gusts throughout the day. If the gusts reach 119km/h it will officially be classified as a category one hurricane. Blowing snow is also a risk this evening.

Yes, the weather is expected to get much, much worse today. This morning Environment Canada issued a warning that most of the province will be experiencing incredible wind gusts. Gusts that can reach over 110km/h.

This is super close to being classified as a hurricane.

According to the Saffir-Simpson scale that determines if storms are a category 1-5 hurricane, to become a category one wind gusts need to reach at least 119km/h. Meaning the province is only 9km away from having our very own hurricane. 

As for now, the winds can technically be identified as a tropical storm. Whatever it's called, you're going to want to stay inside today.

In all likelihood, the massive wind gusts will turn into a category one hurricane super quickly. Over areas with bodies of water, higher terrain or less cover the winds will be hitting at full force and with more momentum can reach seriously life-threatening speeds.

To make matters worse, in some areas of the province the wind gusts will also add blowing snow. Environment Canada warns that this could lead to near zero visibility and dangerous travel conditions. 

The wind storm will continue into the evening, leading to an even stronger chance of the gusts reaching hurricane-type speeds. Only time will tell if what the Quebec storm will become.

For your own safety, you may want to stay indoors as much as possible for the rest of the day. 

For more information on Quebec's frightening weather forecast, click HERE.


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