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Montreal Will Soon Be Home To An All-New Zombie Apocalypse Movie

Brainsssss ... I mean poutineeeessss.
Montreal Will Soon Be Home To An All-New Zombie Apocalypse Movie

Yes, once again Montreal will be the set for a zombie apocalypse movie. Directors like using our city for this type of movie because it requires very little CGI to make Montreal looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Basically you just Photoshop a couple of fires here and there and you're done.

Montreal was already used for the zombie movie Warm Bodies, and in the past I've proven that Montreal is probably the best place on earth to survive a zombie apocalypse.

But now it's a Quebec zombie film being shot here. The movie is called Les affamés (The hungry ones) and it stars Monia Chokri and Fabien Cloutier. Yeah, I have no idea who they are either.

The film will be shot in 2016 near the Bois Franc Area 

The plot reads: In a village things have changed. Some of the villagers aren't what they used to be. They're attacking their families, their friends and their neighbors... We call them the hungry ones. A hand full of survivors attempt to escape and hide from the monsters in surrounding forest. (Translated)


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