Quebec Woman Got A Poutine Cake Made For Her Wedding

This girl takes her cheese, fries and gravy seriously.

Everyone wants to do something wow worthy on their wedding day. Whether it be a big dress, crazy venue, fireworks, anything. Some people spend thousands of dollars and tons of their time labouring over a split second, where people say "Awesome!".

However this bride was so cunning, so genius in fact, she figured out a way where she didn't have to break the bank on her moment. All she needed was some fries and gravy. That's right, a poutine wedding cake. It's brilliant, not to mention patriotic to the province of Quebec. So eligible ladies take note, this bride has got her wedding game down.

Also I would just like to mention the perfectly constructed chocolate turd in the corner of this photo. Needless to say, this woman is my new hero. This greasy, delicious, mad dream was made possible by her fairy godparents at Patate Mallette!

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