Quebec Woman Named "World's Hottest Criminal"

Hard to refute that fact.
Quebec Woman Named "World's Hottest Criminal"

When beautiful people do bad things, the world reacts differently. Call it the perks of being pretty, or existing in the beautiful bubble, or envious vanity. Call it whatever you like, but the fact remains: when you're hot, people don't really care if you break the law. Or, at least if you do and get caught, people applaud you for being a beautiful badass, as is the case with this Quebec woman.

Stéphanie Beaudoin, now being tried in Vicoriaville for 108 separate charges, has exploded onto the interweb scene, being called "Hottest Alleged Thief On The Planet," "The World's Newest, Hottest Criminal" and similarly semi-positive titles, all making Beaudoin out to be a sexy femme-fatale worthy of her newfound fame, and maybe your sympathy, rather than a common criminal.

Check out the tweet from JdM to see what all the hubbub is about.

— Journal de Montréal (@JdeMontreal) September 15, 2014

Among Beaudoin's many charges include breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, thievery, and the possession of 9 stolen guns. According to La Presse, Beaudoin, 21, was aided in her robberies by three different teenagers (13, 15, 17) who were all probably doing this insane shit in hopes of getting laid. Not gonna happen now she's headed to jail, fellas.

The charges against Beaudoin were increased this past Monday, with the case set to return to courts this November.

A regulation hottie, it's hard not to see Beaudoin in a badass light. She's beautiful, cunning, packs some serious heat, and can seemingly bend men to her will. The only thing is, she is a straight up criminal, and everyone would react very differently, or not care at all, if Beaudoin was a plain and overweight Jane. Just goes to show how pretty people simply have it easier.

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