Quebec Woman Tied Up By Intruders, Then Arrested By Police

A Saint-Jérôme woman was arrested by police, after being released from the restraints planted on her by home invaders.

The police arrived on the scene after being informed by neighbours at about 11 pm, of mysterious men leaving with bags.

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They were greeted by the sight of a woman, who was tied up and ready for them to untie. At first, it appeared that the case might have been a straightforward home invasion.

However, the discovery of 400 marijuana plants on the property roused their suspicions.

The further discovery of several bags filled with marijuana, possibly as bundled as the resident of the house, didn't help matters.

It appears that, in their haste, the thieves had left some precious weed behind.

The intruders are believed to have been armed with at least one firearm, and pepper spray.

Yet another moment of marijuana mayhem in Quebec.