Quebec Zoo Owner Accused of Animal Abuse Is Now Accusing The SPCA of Animal Abuse

You may have heard about the Quebec man who was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and neglect. The man, Norman Trahan, owns the popular Zoo St-Edouard, and was allegedly running the zoo as an "unaccredited facility."

While there are little details about the nature of the crimes, the Zoo owner has been arrested on charges of animal cruelty and neglect. The animals were taken away and are being kept from the zoo owner until further notice.

The animals were seized by the SPCA and the Quebec police. The SPCA does not have the facilities to take care of exotic animals like lions, tigers, kangaroos and zebras, so the Miller Zoo has stepped in to take care of the allegedly mistreated animals.

Now, the zoo owner is countering the allegations made against him, CJAD reports. Trahan wants the charges against him dropped and his property returned.

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Trahan hired an animal expert to visit the facilities where his animals were being kept over the weekend. The pair alleged that the health and safety of the animals are being compromised.

The zoo owner's legal team is also arguing that "the SPCA was not impartial while exercising its duties as peace officers and falsely claimed the animals at the zoo were in imminent danger." 

The SPCA replied to these statements in a Facebook post:

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They say that they had ample evidence after many months of investigation, and a judicial ordinance that allowed them to search the premises.

A Quebec zoo owner accused of animal neglect and animal cruelty has, in turn, accused the SPCA of animal abuse. According to Trahan and his legal team, the health and safety of the animals are being compromised at their current location. We will update you with any news concerning this story.

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