Quebec Zoo Owner Arrested For Animal Cruelty

The animals are currently being seized by the SPCA and Humane Society.
Quebec Zoo Owner Arrested For Animal Cruelty

If you grew up in Montreal, you may have headed to the St. Edouard Zoo with your parents to see a menagerie of international animals in our own backyard of Mauricie. Well, it turns out St. Edouard Zoo was running as an unaccredited facility and now the owner, Norman Trahan is facing multiple charges in relation to the zoo.

While there are little details about the nature of the crimes, the Zoo owner has been arrested on charges of animal cruelty and neglect. 

The Zoo's website and Facebook page don't indicate closure, however, comments on the Facebook page indicate that the animals have been "seized" by the SPCA and the Humane Society, assisted by the Quebec Police. 

Both CJAD Montreal and TVA Nouvelles reported on the arrest of the Zoo's owner this morning, indicating that he had been running an unaccredited facility. As mentioned above, the arrest was made on charges of animal cruelty and neglect.

We have reached out to the SPCA for more details on these charges and we will update this space if and when they are able to provide more information. 

According to TVA Nouvelles, there is a press conference scheduled for later today, meaning these more intricate details around the crimes of cruelty and neglect will likely come to light.

As per CJAD, if Trahan is convicted of the charges currently laid against him he could face up to 5 years in prison alongside a lifetime ban on owning animals, which includes having custody or control over any animal.

According to TVA Nouvelles, somewhere around 100 animals have already been seized, "including lions, tigers, zebras, camels, kangaroos, and bears." The total seizure of the animals to safe homes will likely take weeks as the SPCA and the Humane Society work together.

Facebook comments on the St Edouard Zoo's page indicate that visitors had long witnessed the animals suffering or at the very least looking unwell as far back as 2018.

Other people indicated they would never go to the zoo, though it is unclear what the fate of the facility will be after these charges.

We will update you with any more information that comes to light via the SPCA or elsewhere.

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