100 Year Old Church In Quebec City On The Verge Of Collapse

Quebec has said goodbye to yet another church yesterday afternoon.

The century-year-old Très-Saint-Sacrement church located in Quebec City has been shut down until further notice after inspectors found serious structural decay and a chimney that is on the verge of collapse.

You can't get close to the church anymore as it's been secured with even the parking lot cordoned off for public safety.

Canada, especially Quebec is no stranger to churches closing or being repurposed. The National Trust for Canada estimates that 9,000 churches will close in the next 10 years

In Montreal alone, there were 54 church closings in 2018 due to the high cost of upkeep and the dwindling amount and interest of parishioners.

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Religion aside, churches are often a fixture to their community and we are once again losing an amazing piece of architecture that is important to the Quebec landscape

But as has been known to happen, maybe a condo development company will swoop in and save it. 

Quebec Culture and Communications

In 2017 the Très-Saint-Sacrement began to see serious problems with the collapse of an exterior wall. At that time renovation estimates were $3 million. With no funds available, the church has been left to deteriorate for years

With the latest inspection noting that the two steeples which house bells, the chimney, and a large rose window were structurally weakened and following the shutdown of the church, we can only imagine the new costs involved.

According to the church website, the closing is for an 'indeterminate period' but guesses are it will be permanent.

Très-Saint-Sacrement church construction began in 1920, blessed in 1924, and is a stunning mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The church crypt can seat 1,400 and is home to a Casavant organ.