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It's Official, The Toronto Raptors Are Holding Their Training Camp In Quebec This Year

Come see the reigning champs prepare for the new season!
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It's Official, The Toronto Raptors Are Holding Their Training Camp In Quebec This Year

There might've been a halt to the festivities after the Kawhi Leonard news destroyed the hopes and dreams of the Raptors faithful but the fact remains that the Toronto Raptors are the reigning NBA Champions. 

Having held training camps in other Canadian cities in the past, the Toronto Raptors are finally coming to Quebec to prepare for the new season! Quebec basketball fans rejoice because, for the first time ever, the Raptors are having their training camp in La Belle Province! 

The team will practise behind closed doors from September 29th to October 3rd, culminating in an open practise and scrimmage game before they leave Quebec for their pre-season games in Tokyo, Japan. Basketball fans will finally have a chance to see the reigning champs get it together for NBA season.

According to TVA Nouvellesthe Raptors will hold their training camp in Quebec City's Amphitheater Gymnasium Desjardins at Laval University. This marks the first time the Raptors have held training camp in Quebec. 

Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said in a statement that the team is "eager to discover the unique atmosphere of Quebec City" and that it's important for them to visit cities they've never been before to promote the game to the rest of Canada. 

Our very own Premier, in fact, would love to eventually see a team in our province and this training camp is a good first step.

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Coming off the heels of a whirlwind championship win over the Golden State Warriors and what's so far been an eventful offseason, the Raptors are gearing up for a post-Kawhi world that so far, isn't looking too hopeful.  

Still, the offseason is long and the Raptors might still have few tricks up their sleeves. Even though it seems unlikely they'll win the Championship again, the Raptors have captured the attention of a whole nation and their win will go down in history as one of the best ever. 

The Raptors even have a French connection with Pascal Siakum, Serge Ibaka, and Chris Boucher (from Montreal!) all able to speak the language of Molière. This training camp marks the 12th time the Raptors have held camp outside of Ontario.

Make sure to bring your chips AND the dip if you want to catch the Toronto Raptor's training camp in Quebec City! 

The Toronto Raptors training camp will be held in Laval University's Amphitheater Gymnasium Desjardins from September 29th to October 3rd! 

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