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This FREE Multicultural Food & Music Festival Is The Biggest In Quebec

Experience over 42 countries at MondoKarnaval.
This FREE Multicultural Food & Music Festival Is The Biggest In Quebec

Anywhere you go in Quebec during the summer there is bound to be a festival in the vicinity. And if you're near Quebec City at the end of August, this is the festival you don't want to miss.

For the sixth year in a row, MondoKarnaval is back! And dare we say, bigger than ever. This is the most festive festival that ever fested. 

MondoKarnaval is Quebec's biggest multicultural event. I'm a huge fan. Held over three days in Quebec City, this is the place to be to get a glimpse into cultures worldwide without having to get on a plane.

Seriously, the MondoKarnaval line-up is pretty insane. There will be 800 world-renowned artists – everything from dancers to musicians to chefs – that represent over 42 countries taking part.

This year’s theme is Femme du Monde and that means the best in female artists from the four corners of the globe. Groups like Okan, big winners at the 2019 Independent Music Awards will be performing this year. 

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MondoKarnaval is about celebrating all the different cultures that make up Quebec, because... wouldn't we be so boring without the mix of so many different flavours?

Their website says it best, the festival aims at"...encouraging the meeting, the exchange and the sharing of knowledge at the level of music, dance, visual or traditional arts, fairy tales or products."

There will be a huge parade, outdoor and indoor music performances, dance, market World-Crafts and Catering, debates, exhibitions, animations, soccer tournament, name it, they probably have it. 

Even if you hate great music and dancing,  just go there to eat. Being able to sample homestyle cuisines from around the world is the best thing ever. 

Did we mention that it's FREE! While you will have to pay for most of what you want to eat or drink, ALL of the performances are completely gratuit.

Check out the full 3-day program here

Here's everything you need to know:

WHAT: MondoKarnaval

WHEN: Saturday, August 31st - Tuesday, September 2nd, 2019

WHERE: Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site, Quebec City 

COST: Free entry!

Find out more on MondoKarnaval here.

Or check out their Facebook page.