Quebecers Are Now Forced To Pay More For Alchohol

We pay more while the province makes millions.
Quebecers Are Now Forced To Pay More For Alchohol

Photo cred - Experience Vieux Montréal

Alcohol in the province of Quebec is going to get a little pricier, at least if you plan on drinking it at home. New tax regulations on alcohol begin today, as announced in June by the provincial government.

Buying drinks to take home will now cost a few cents extra, depending on the type of alcohol. A bottle of beer will cost $0.05 extra, a bottle of wine will be increased $0.24, and 1.14L bottle of liquor will go up $0.037, as reported by Radio-Canada.

Restaurants, on the other hand, can now lower their prices at the same volume, with beer, wine, and liquor decreasing $0.07, $0.92, $1.40, respectively.

Still, customers will likely still be paying more overall, as most restaurants will probably not lower their prices accordingly, points out RC. On the other hand, the province looks to make $36 million dollars more through the increased tax on alcohol. At least someone is benefiting.

For those who see things visually, Radio-Canada created a handy infographic listing all the price changes. Check it out below.

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